Your Gift is Powerful

Dec. 10, 2019

At age 10 Elizabeth suffered a head injury and seizures became part of daily life. She had to quit school because her epilepsy scared teachers, and also made her ineligible for marriage or able to work.

At age 35 Elizabeth met Etta Projects. Through our medicinal plant program, she found hope. Our 6-month program helped her became a community asset, offering affordable herbal medicines that honor ancestral indigenous practices. Her community needs and values her now.

“Since my training with Etta Projects in medicinal plants and as a community health promoter, my life has changed. I have learned to manage my illness better, take care of myself with natural foods and medicines, and now I even have fewer attacks. I am proud to be able to serve my community."

-Elizabeth, Etta Projects Health & Medicinal Plant Promoter

The Gift of Thanks

Thanks to your generosity we have been creating real change with the people of a country in need for 16 years. Community health in Bolivia is improving and newfound hope is being creative, and over this time your gifts have made the difference. As a small but might non-profit organization, Etta Projects relies on sustainable gifts from our philanthropic community.

Our goal is to train 90 new health promoters next year, continue training for Elizabeth and her colleagues, help construct 100 new sanitation units, and 2 new clean water projects. By making your donation, you are helping us continue this good work in Bolivia. If you can, consider going beyond your usual gift so that together we can begin to dream of even more impact.

Your dollar goes further in Bolivia, raising money directly for projects and services that benefit rural communities. None of this work would happen without your generosity. We rely upon you to keep Etta’s dream alive - working with community leaders, members, municipalities, clinics and schools to help people live healthier, more productive lives in one of the poorest countries in South America.

Your gift is powerful - Now is when we are planning for 2020 projects and donations made by year-end matter now more than ever. Please consider how making a donation today will impact better quality of life for our communities in the new year.

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