Support Etta's Birthday Wish

Jan. 21, 2021

It’s been a long time since we've celebrated in person, but we’re still working hard, and better times lie ahead. Please join us for a moment of gratitude to celebrate the remarkable legacy of Etta Turner. Etta taught us how to find the strength and the courage to persist when times are hard. YOU make it possible for us to be present with Bolivians who are ready to work for change.

So many people are counting on Etta Projects, and with your support, we can raise our goal of $6,000 for Etta's 35th Birthday.

WHAT: For the love of Etta Projects, please join us in celebrating Etta's 35th Birthday! Your gift of $35, $135 or hey, how about $3,500(?!?!), will help us reach our goal of $6,000.

WHEN: Monday, January 25 is Etta's Birthday. Your gift is greatly appreciated and encouraged – early gifts are always welcome too!

HOW: Make your donation through our website, then share this opportunity, because everyone loves a good party!

Make your donation here:

Need some beauty in your life? Copy and paste this link to watch a tribute video for Etta's 35th birthday: