Celebrate Etta's Birthday in Style

Jan. 21, 2022

Please join us in celebrating Etta's 36th Birthday on Tuesday, Jan 25!!

Your gift of $36, $136 or hey, how about $3,600(?!?!), will help us reach our goal.

Etta Projects works in areas with rough roads and sometimes there simply are no roads! The rainy season makes visiting villages and delivering materials challenging as rivers move and heavy rains wash out earth-packed roads. We have 3 trucks that 13 staff share to do their work. (If only congress could work so cooperatively). Two of our trucks are great, one needs to retire to an easier life. So ... what a wonderful birthday present this would be for Etta.

Here is the skinny:

NEED: Reliable heavy-duty, double cab 4WD used truck costs ~$24,000
We will thank, hug and sell our existing truck hopefully for ~$12,000
We will all celebrate Etta’s 36th birthday and set a goal to raise $8,000
A hero will complete our purchase with a donation of $5,000!

Viola! Our staff will not have breakdowns in remote locations or get stuck in dangerous riverbeds.

Our mission is clear. Etta's BD will provide safe travel to staff and participants! Help us "boldly go where no-one has gone before!" Well, ok maybe not as far as Star Wars.

JOIN US for the love of Etta!

Etta’s annual birthday fundraiser celebrates a wonderful life while delivering a legacy gift that will transport Etta Projects (literarily) through the years!

During the week of January 24, make your donation through our website, then share this opportunity, because everyone loves a good party!