Etta Projects Events and COVID-19 Response

July 15, 2020

As the world is grappling with COVID-19 cases increasing around the world, many of the most at-risk counties are lacking PPE, soap, water, bleach, and factual education about prevention of the virus. As a trusted partner in health, sanitation and education, we have a course of action to take and we are calling on our supporters to help us bring relief to communities we work with.

Our Bolivian communities are struggling. It has affected our lives personally and professionally as programs and funding are at a standstill and the infection continues to spread. Cases are now rising, and many are left without help. Rural communities can become very isolated and the closest clinics are exhausted of supplies. COVID-19 knows no borders and as you can imagine, can devastate a developing nation rapidly. The closest hospital only has 12 ventilators and serves over 180,000 people.

“Together we have worked long and hard to create an incredible network of community health promoters who serve on the front line,” says Pennye Nixon, Director of Operations.

We are pivoting to face this new challenge as we also try to resume some of our regular projects that have been put on hold, but the priority of meeting needs of our communities has changed, and we are working to meet them how we best can, says Nixon.

For more than 17 years, Etta Projects has worked with communities and is a trusted partner with the government, health centers and community leaders. People are relying on us to take action and to do that we need you. We need to raise $12,500 to get going on a 3-month project to deliver COVID-19 emergency response in some very remote communities.

Your donation will help educate Bolivians, distribute PPE, build hands-free handwashing stations, and purchase soap, bleach and other necessary supplies. Through this work we can reach 3,000 families, approximately 15,000 people.

We are unique prepared to respond:
• The Bolivian Health Ministry asked us to teach COVID-19 prevention in 45 communities. Our diligent network of over 130 health and sanitation promoters will educate on prevention of the virus through social distancing, improved hygiene and wearing a mask.
• Our staff doctor and one other staff member have suited up in full HAZMAT to work with health promoters, community leaders and local medical to dispelling rumors, give factual data on symptoms, promote hygiene and social distancing best practices.
• Finally, to help long-term, we’ve created a hands-free handwashing station available to clinics, schools and families.

Our annual in-person auction will be canceled again this year, and we are facing a shortage of resources. Staff are equipped with full PPE to enter into communities to train Health Promoters and equip them with disinfectant supplies, restock depleted medicine and PPE. This is not done without risk of infecting our own staff and we are taking every precaution to keep staff and communities safe.

With your support, a little can go a long way to bringing relief to Bolivia.
• YOUR GIFT OF $100 will ensure clean hands for 4 clinics or families. Each hands-free wash station costs about $25 to build and deliver to a family or community clinic.
• YOUR GIFT OF $250 will help educate on social distancing, hygiene and use of PPE for up to 100 people. Never underestimate the value of good, factual education by trusted teachers to bring maximum impact to lives.
• YOUR GIFT OF $10 will help us buy soap and bleach for one month, accommodating 5 families living in a remote area.


Monthly supporters are the backbone of our organization with reliable income helping us to better plan for the future. When you become an Etta Projects monthly supporter you make a commitment to bring health and sanitation to the wonderful people of Bolivia. It’s fast and easy to set up a recurring payment.

Become a monthly donor and we’ll show our appreciation with a gift from our hearts.

• $10/month for an Etta Projects’ t-shirt
• $25/month for an Etta Projects’ sweatshirt, hoodie or glassbaby

We are going to do this come hell or high water because people have confidence in Etta Projects, and we are needed. Communities are remote and most people live in one-room houses with 5-12 people. COVID-19 will spread like wildfire in a setting like this if it gains a foothold. We have been asked to do what we do best... Educate.