Seven Years of Service, Thank You Amanda

May 18, 2021

After seven exceptional years of supervising projects that promote public health and birthing a successful Community Transformation Center, Etta Projects accepts the resignation of Amanda Martin, CTC Director for Etta Projects.

Amanda has worked all over the world – Guatemala, China, Thailand, Colombia, South Carolina, Washington, and Washington D.C. – fighting her whole adult life to improve conditions for women and championing human rights before landing in Bolivia. In 2013, Amanda accepted a position with Etta Projects managing all Bolivian programs and gaining the trust of the communities we serve. Her success flourished and together we envisioned a new project that would help keep our many years of work in Bolivia sustainable.

Since 2016, Amanda has helped cultivate Etta Projects’ legacy project, the Community Transformation Center (CTC). The CTC is a 96-acre tropical refuge that truly transforms lives and unites people and creatures, from all walks of life and forests, to learn from one another. In the first three years, the CTC hosted 210 volunteers from 37 countries. They helped build 15 model systems demonstrating sustainable, low energy consumption practices that are the basis for our many projects. Amanda led the CTC in more than 143 workshops and meetings, and hosted 1,666 community participants, international students and researchers. Without her dedicated leadership, we would not have been able to foster so many meaningful connections with the Bolivian people and the international world.

Amanda is moving on to her next adventure, but she will always remain part of Etta Projects’ heart and soul. We are truly lucky to have had her brilliance during these seven years and know our work will continue following in her footsteps.