Etta's 34th Birthday Appeal Goal $8,000, for clean water work in Bolivia

Jan. 19, 2020

On Saturday, January 25, 2020, the late Etta Turner would be celebrating her 34th birthday surrounded by friends and family. Fortunately, her memory lives on as Etta Projects, a non-profit organization dedicated to working hand-in-hand with Bolivians to improve health, sanitation and clean water.

In celebration of Etta’s 34th birthday, we are asking our supporters to rally behind a charitable ask to raise $8,000 help communities like Mataracu. Etta Projects has worked extensively with the larger community of Villa Imperial since 2016, hosting dental-vision workshops, constructing 68 dry composting latrines, training Health Promoters, and now a clean water project. The last piece of the puzzle is to connect the outlying village of Mataracu with reliable and filtered drinking water.

This year we will create a network system to connect all 25 families living in the community and disseminate water to each household. Because we cannot dig a well, a system to pump water from the river through a filtration and chlorination process needs to occur. Donations like yours help us host community workshops, train Water Committee CAPYS members to ensure systems are sustainable, and repairs can be made from within the community.

Throughout the week of January 21st, we are giving you a closer look at this community to better understand the work our donors help us accomplish. By raising our goal of $8,000 for Etta’s 34th Birthday, we can connect communities like Mataracu with what matters most –clean and reliable water.

Donations can be made through Etta Projects’ website ( Giving now is the best way to help us reach our fundraising goal. Have some fun with the number 34. If you can, donate $34, $344 or $3,434.34, but any amount you can give helps a community in need. Please share our story with your followers on social media and let’s do this for Etta!

Etta Projects is a non-project organization dedicated to bringing sustainable solutions to improve health, sanitation and clean water in rural Bolivia.

For more information contact, Kathryn Lewis at or +1 (253) 252-9175.