Save the Date!!!

Our founder, Pennye Nixon has been awarded the Greater Tacoma Peace Prize and will be honored September 28th starting 5:30pm at the Scandinavian Cultural Center at Pacific Lutheran University. Tickets cost $60.00. Information and to purchase tickets go to info@tacomapeace If you cannot attend, we welcome a gift honoring Pennye. Use the donate button for gifts only, NOT Tickets.

Every year we empower Bolivian communities to transcend the limitations of poverty.


People in 19 communities now have access to health care in their communities.


Bolivians gaining access to clean drinking water every year.


Communities now have safe and clean sanitation systems.


Etta Projects receives national grant for Health Promotion through Dining for Women

Sept. 30, 2016

"Changing the World One Dinner at a Time." Dining for Women is a national non-profit giving circle dedicated to empowering women and girls living in extreme poverty. Learn more.